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About Tradebe

At TRADEBE, we work internationally to offer quality, innovative environmental services that contribute to sustainable development and provide value to our customers, shareholders and personnel.

Tradebe - Sustainability at Work

At Tradebe, we create cost-effective ways for our clients to recycle hazardous waste. Our priority is recycling industrial waste into beneficial products and substitute fuels. To further our vision for the future, we created Tradebe Environmental Services through the acquisition of several well-established environmental services companies in North America. Tradebe sets the industry standard by recycling approximately 60% of the waste we process.  We accomplish this through the use of "Green" Technology.


Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC

Tradebe offers waste management, recycling and treatment services through our division, Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC.  Tradebe has multiple TSD facilities throughout the United States. We continue to increase our strategic nationwide coverage through the development and acquisition of waste transfer facilities. 

Tradebe's unique programs and patented technology positions our company as an industry leader in waste recycling and reuse.   Examples include:

  • Tradebe's Chemical Reuse Program redirects qualified manufacturing by-products away from traditional waste disposal to manufacturers that do not require virgin chemicals.
  • Tradebe's patented Solid Distillation System (SDS) recycles contaminated organic solid material by extracting the organic constituents to create an industrial product.
  • Our specialized Distillation Technologies transforms waste solvents into usable products.

Tradebe Treatment and Recycling has a wide range of sustainable waste management services to handle all of our customers’ waste management needs.

Tradebe Industrial Services, LLC

Tradebe Industrial Services, LLC has an experienced staff and advanced technology to provide a safe and efficient environment for industrial projects. Our highly trained crews are prepared perform a wide range of industrial services, some of which include: Site Evaluations & Remediation, Tank Services, Vacuum Services, Ductwork and Mechanical System Cleaning, Hydro blasting, Regional Emergency Response, and Waste Management and Consulting.

Tradebe provides a wide range of tank cleaning service levels and capabilities scaled to fit each of our customers’ needs. Serving numerous industries, municipalities and utility companies, we are equipped to handle a broad range of cleaning from residential oil tanks to six million gallon refinery tanks. Patented remote-tank cleaning technology provides increased project safety to personnel and the environment while simultaneously reducing the disruption to our client's production time.  In addition, we also have regional crews to assist our small to medium sized customers with Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) and Underground Storage Tanks (UST) cleaning, maintenance, removal and inspection.

Tradebe Onsite Services, LLC

Tradebe Onsite Services, LLC can design, build, operate and maintain long term services for refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants to manage waste and secondary by-products, such as oily slops, oily sludge and slurry oil. Our experienced engineers collaborate with our clients to identify and design the ideal technology to recycle and reuse manufacturing by-products.  Tradebe skilled Field Crews build and operate the equipment on a daily basis to ensure safe and optimal performance.