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Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG)

Oils & Greases - Disposal of this material can often be a messy and cumbersome chore. Tradebe Environmental Services has created our F.O.G. Services to remove renderable fats, oils and greases on an as needed or automatic pick up schedule. Tradebe will provide the equipment and installation to keep you in compliance. After installation, we service, inspect, clean and repair your grease trap systems. F.O.G can provide you with any documentation that is required under the General Permit.
A turnkey solution for fats, oils and grease - Servicing CT, MA and Upstate NY

What are the Basic FOG Requirements?

  • Grease trap inspections
  • Wastewater limitations on discharge to sanitary sewer
  • Pollution prevention and best management practices
  • Reporting and record keeping requirements


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