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SPOT - Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks

Our system uses a unique Tradebe patented sonar technology to profile crude oil tank sludges to a very high level of accuracy. During each 360° sweep, 240,000 soundings are developed and directed to our proprietary software for analysis, improving overall accuracy. The survey is carried out in one day and the process is performed while the tank remains full of oil. The SPOT system has many advantages over manual dipping methods including safety, accuracy, practicality and cost.
Sonar allows you to "see" the sludge using SPOT

  • The equipment is ATEX/BASEEF certified
  • The SPOT system locates and quantifies sludge banks in oil tanks.  The measurement accuracy is typically + - 5% .
  • Tank entry is established through small entry points on the tank roof (minimum 4”)
  • The results are presented in a report in both 2 and 3 dimensions.


SPOT is useful for disposal volumes, mixing patterns, roof landing and many other helpful cost issues.