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Camera Manway Cannon

The Camera Manway Cannon is robotic technology that liquefies sludge while the tank remains sealed. This is a benefit to our customers and the environment because The Camera Manway Cannon enables compliance with stringent emissions regulations. This sludge is then pumped out of the tank and can be separated by processing with our separation equipment, such as filter presses, centrifuges or thermal desorption units.
Tradebe's Camera Manway Cannon maintains compliance with stringent emission regulations

The Main Features are:

  • Tank remains sealed while robotic cannon liquefies sludge. The liquefied sludge is then pumped out of the tank.
  • Sludge can be further separated by processing with our Separation equipment
  • No need for Vapor Recovery equipment, which saves time, money, and disposal costs
  • No need for personnel to enter into the tank during the cleaning phase
  • Enables compliance with stringent emissions regulations