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Industrial Services

Tradebe experienced staff use advanced technology to provide a safe and efficient environment for industrial projects. Our proficient crews are prepared with a wide range of industrial services, some of which include: Site Evaluations & Remediation, Tank Services, Vacuum Services, Ductwork and Mechanical System Cleaning, Hydro blasting, Regional Emergency Response, Waste Management and Consulting. We are the industry leaders in providing a wide range of tank cleaning service levels and capabilities. Patented remote-tank cleaning technology provides increased project safety to personnel and the environment and simultaneously reduces the disruption to our client's production time

Advanced technology for industrial environmental projects - our business is to keep you in business

Some of the technology that differentiates us from our competitors includes:

SRS (Solids Reduction System) - SRS rapidly liquefies and extracts waste material through any valve 6 inches or larger with no personnel tank entry required. This also allows the tank to remain in services while being cleaned.

FLUIDIC NOZZLE SYSTEM - Nozzles are introduced through roof manways - no cold cutting needed. No nitrogen blanketing is required which means lower cost, more safety and no hydrocarbon emissions.

CAMERA MANWAY CANNON - Your tank remains sealed while our robotic cannon liquefies sludge. Because the tank remains sealed, there is no need for vapor recovery equipment. The result: faster, better cleaning that complies with stringent emission regulations.

SLUDGE BUSTER CANNON - Tradebe has the patent for the equipment and the process. This robotic equipment can be folded and fitted through a 24" manway and is used to resuspend sludge in the tank.

Tradebe Strives to safely and efficiently provide solutions for our customers worldwide which include:

  • Refinery & Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Chemical & Specialty Chemical
  • Utilities
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Education
  • General Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Government

At Tradebe, we collaborate with our customers to provide the best solution for industrial environmental projects. Contact Tradebe to review the remediation options available for your project.